Masculine Men — All Male Peril is the present-day version of the pulp comics from the mid-twentieth century
This website is for anyone who enjoys stories and images of masculine men shown in male peril—a sensitive and taboo topic which often is discussed only in the shadows. Another way of expressing this theme is guys in distress (GID). Here at this provocative website you can see masculine, muscled and naked men in jeopardy who are threatened as they reveal their vulnerability to strong personal danger while they are on the brink of deadly harm and personal injury to themselves.

Queer Art | 3D digital male art | 3D gay erotic art

The pictures on this website come from the realm of queer art with an emphasis upon 3D digital male art also known as 3D gay erotic art. That is but one form of digital storytelling created using digital tools on computerized devices resulting in computer-generated images (CGI).

Males Only

The themes which are developed for your information and enjoyment at this website focus upon all male peril depicted as decidedly stunning images bolstered by unforgettable storytelling, all of which are not intended to represent the real world we all live in. This visual storytelling is rooted in encouraging explicit fantasizing about all male peril.

The phrase all male peril means this website shows no female peril and shows no females causing peril to men since those subjects are explored elsewhere online today on countless websites.

BDSMA big welcome to all of you guys who think of their balls and other men’s balls and who came here from Scaffies which once was a thriving international community online.


cock and ball torture

Explicit images (52 pages) of cock and ball torture showing man-on-man BDSM fantasies. Newly expanded collection just $6.75 for a limited time.

Hang Him!

Explicit images (153 pages) of men’s hangings, uncensored. Originally $20.25 — now 20% lower price of just $16.25 for a limited time.

hang him promo

Sexy Men in Bed

Explicit images (65 pages) showing sexy men in bed actions and adventures. Newly expanded collection Just $8.45 for a limited time.

Public Comments:

* * male toes curledI always feared to delve into my darkest fantasies but with you, I feel supported and understood. Your work is a perfect blend of light and shadow, to put it in very simplistic terms. I confess that what also arouses me is a detail that most would find insignificant but which holds tremendous eroticism. Curled toes. That’s a soft spot of mine. I associate it with violent orgasms, when pleasure wracks a man’s body, makes him convulse and twist right down to his toes.
* * straight femaleAs a straight woman I must admit that I am sexually aroused by looking at the images of the masculine men you have on display.
* *male solidly hardWhenever I view your images, I get solidly hard immediately and need to fix that condition as soon as I can. You have a unique way of blending images with very dark storytelling.

Black Men Combo Pack

Black men combo pack

Explicit images (168 pages) especially intended for your unrestricted exploring of pleasures and uncensored thrills brought on looking at BLACK MEN IN ACTION images. Originally priced at $23, now just $18.40 for a limited time.

Karma and the Rookie Cop

A hot rookie cop gets caught up with a violent street gang. Explore the intense, explicit images of a good-looking masculine man restrained in strong peril and painful suffering on the way to his destiny. Just $4 for a limited time.

Turn Me On, Dead Man

From a dark corner of the male death fetish world. Many men consider these fantasies but are not at all comfortable admitting or openly expressing them. Explore in private and in secret with amazing uncensored, controversial images. Just $4 for a limited time.

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