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Desperately Seeking Mislaid Eggs

Listen to an explicit podcast episode “Desperately Seeking Mislaid Eggs” — a narrated story from the Horror Podcast Vegas series. Most men would never want to endure a real-life experience such as losing their balls. Yet many men engage in sexual fantasies about castration. This episode is a deep dive…

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The Mystery of the Swimming Pool Hitmen

Guest blogger post by 8hangman5. Back in the 1950’s crime fiction was published in hardcover with an illustrated dust jacket. Crime fiction books were an expensive item aimed at a particular market. Detective stories by comparison could be published as inexpensive magazines with lurid covers. There were very few suburban…

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Wild, Brutal Stories of Men in Peril

Wild, brutal stories of men in peril and male death fetish —¬†— Unedited, uncensored storiesfrom authors such as Nullo and Madeira Desouza grouped together in one large collection¬†— FREE VIEWING!¬† Newest November 2021 short story from controversial author Nullo deals with lynching a Black man and includes cock and…

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