grabbing a man's balls
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Balls Cut / Castration / Removed Masculinity

Decades ago a well-known Tom of Finland drawing caught my attention because of how brutal the artist chose to depict the moment just before a man is forced to the punishment of removed masculinity. I am certain I’m not the only curious fellow who has spent many hours examining that…

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Alternative to politically-correct, plain vanilla, gay adult male erotic stories Here you will find storytelling about characters and situations of all male peril exclusively for men who are attracted to men. This falls within the category of masculine male art. You also will find narrated audio stories, text stories, and…

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Guided Tour

Take a Guided Tour of Masculine Male Art by Madeira Desouza return to “About” page Madeira Desouza images were selected and commented on by the artist and blogger known as Mitchell. Visit his blog to see his commentaries. This link takes you to a guided tour of Madeira Desouza images…

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3D Digital Male Art

Masculine Male Art The pictures at this website come from the realm of 3D gay erotic art also known as 3D digital male art. The images are all withing the category of masculine male art—one form of digital storytelling created using digital tools on computerized devices resulting in computer-generated images…

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Ballbusting / Scaffies

If you are attracted to man-on-man ballbusting you may have heard of Scaffies, the international online community for consensual man-on-man ballbusting and CBT from the Netherlands. This ceased operation at the end of December 2022. This famous community on the internet had over half a million posts in the many…

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On-Demand Illustrated Storybooks

Back to Storytelling page   Now available:  Madeira Desouza will create and produce one of his stunning Illustrated Storybooks on demand for you. The finished product is a downloadable pdf which contains pages of original Desouza of Vegas customized illustrations along with storytelling text (as shown). You Provide… creative services project…

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