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Balls Cut / Castration / Removed Masculinity

Decades ago a well-known Tom of Finland drawing caught my attention because of how brutal the artist chose to depict the moment just before a man is forced to the punishment of removed masculinity.I am certain I’m not the only curious fellow who has spent many hours examining that classic…

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For Men to Bust My Balls

I put on tight and shinny black leather shorts. That helps me call attention to my midsection. A naked muscular guy sees me in the darkness and I know it will be just seconds before he makes his move. He is focused, determined and strong. He rushes up to me…

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Images from the Male Death Fetish

Widely known (but often vehemently criticized) is the fetish for male death images.

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Fuck the Cello Player

Here you see Madeira Desouza as the artist who has placed himself into images in a cameo role. The story deals with being involved in a hot sexual encounter with a cello player. The character of the cello player was created out of Madeira Desouza’s attraction to a young musician—one…

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