3D Digital Male Art

The pictures at this website come from the realm of 3D gay erotic art also known as 3D digital male art. That is but one form of digital storytelling created using digital tools on computerized devices resulting in computer-generated images (CGI). See an entire website devoted to these subjects: 3DMALES.com.

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How I Make a Man

[by author and artist Madeira Desouza] If you are interested in mentoring from an older and experienced digital artist who has years of hard-learned life lessons he’s willing to share to benefit your artistic efforts, here’s a fun-to-read full eBook that tell how and what I do each time I…

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Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

You probably never thought the day would come when Madeira Desouza would show you behind-the-scenes secrets of 3D digital art. Well, here we go… All of what you see here today comes from practical, hands-on experience in creating digital art for more than a decade—not from time spent in school….

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