On-Demand Illustrated Storybooks


Now available:  Madeira Desouza will create and produce one of his stunning Illustrated Storybooks on demand for you.

The finished product is a downloadable pdf which contains pages of original Desouza of Vegas customized illustrations along with storytelling text (as shown).

You Provide…

  • creative services project fee of $425 paid online to Desouza of Vegas
  • one original story idea of yours submitted in text format notes
  • up to a total of three (3) source images of males (such as you) to be used by Desouza of Vegas to create digital characters

You Receive…

  • personalized, customized male characters depicted within a story of yours
  • up to twenty (20) pdf pages with images which include up to three (3) customized character faces you specified
  • one pdf of the finished Illustrated Storybook
  • generous collection of the digital image files which were created by Desouza of Vegas for the production of the Illustrated Storybook
  • author credit listed on the downloadable pdf available online — phrase will say “original story by [your author name]
  • additional text stories you have written can be added at your request to the Men in Peril Now website Storytelling section
  • featured author listing can be added at your request on the Men in Peril Now website

Other Details…
  • Ownership and copyright of all the digital image assets and the illustrated storybook pdf shall be reserved for Desouza of Vegas.
  • Character descriptions, names and storytelling details (including the number of pages) shall be negotiated by you with Desouza of Vegas.
  • Illustrated Storybook pdf may be made available at the discretion of Madeira Desouza for the general public to buy within the Desouza of Vegas Gumroad collection — a promotional consideration for your author name for which you are not compensated.
  • You may post any/all of the digital image assets online as you wish as long as you provide credit to Desouza of Vegas
  • You may not provide any copies of the illustrated storybook pdf to anyone.
  • Posting of your stories and featured author profile upon request on the Men in Peril Now website shall remain there for the life of the site.
  • You can order additional illustrated storybooks on-demand and receive a 30% discount off the posted creative services project fee.

* * * * If you have any questions about commissioning an Illustrated Storybook, just get in touch with Desouza of Vegas by email at desouza3d@gmail.com.