Custom Creative Services (Details)

Customize face from images require a source photograph. The image on top shows an example of a source photography. The image on the bottom shows a digital character which was created from that source photograph.

If you want to end up with an exact mirror image match between a source photo and the resulting character face in which the face in the images looks exactly like the face in the photograph you supplied to me, it will be necessary for you to consult a professional photographer to create that kind of precision in a finished image.

But I offer you professional creative services which are far more personal and unique to you alone compared to photographs. I offer you a finished product including storytelling that likely will be more valuable and emotionally significant to you as compared to any similar fantasy-based work a professional photographer could produce.

I deliver to you a highly affordable, illustrated fantasy for you. What you get is an image depicting an interaction between a character with a customized face that you suggested. The character is involved in fictional situations that you describe to me in your own words. It is very rare anywhere at any price to find this kind of converting people’s fantasies using digital face recreations and specific storytelling situations into downloadable files (pdfs).

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The Need is to Suspend Disbelief

In the real world we all live in, it’s very likely that male celebrities do not allow full nude photographs of themselves to be released. My service of providing you with fantasy images and illustrated storytelling based upon the likeness of a male face is a rare find in today’s world because I give you what you want—the man of your choice shown naked (and sexually aroused if you request that) within a fictional situation of your choosing. Try asking a photographer to provide that kind of finished product for you!

See this example which starts with the likeness of a stuntman as he appeared in makeup and costume on an episode of a science fiction television show:

This image demonstrates how the likeness of the stuntman is used to produce a realistic rendition of him without clothing for the purposes of creating a fantasy image.

The stuntman example reveals the potential for a high emotional impact for you from a produced image that I create for you.

Start by selecting me to create a custom fantasy involving your likeness which I will insert into an image and/or story I produce on demand for you along with the likeness of the man of your choice. The specific outcome is a strongly effective level of fantasy creation which is not possible for you if you were to seek the services of a professional photographer.

For the custom-produced fantasies I create to work for you emotionally, it is a simple matter for you to suspend disbelief in what you are actually seeing with your eyes. If you think to yourself, “That does not really look like me [or insert celebrity name here],” you are allowing your mind to wreck the impact of your fantasy. Allowing your mind to wreck the impact of your fantasy is a problem that only you can solve.

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The Story Matters Most

The story in which a character appears in has far more overall importance than how he looks. I ask that in your own words you tell me what story you want me to write for the male character who will appear in the customized digital image that I prepare for you. Be simple and direct as you tell me what you want to see happening in story told in the customized digital image or illustrated storybook.

Types of Stories

Within reason and legalities, I am open to writing any type of story for your enjoyment dealing with your explicit fantasies or taboo truths.

I will not accept requests to create images or stories of men having sex with animals or sexual activities involving anyone under the legal age of consent.

Choices in Storytelling Categories Available to You

  • Ancient Times: Real or imaginary civilizations during ancient times
  • Edgeplay: Sexual or mental manipulation of men
  • Horror: Blood and gore or horrifying situations and scenarios
  • Kidnapping / Capturing / Imprisoning: Taking and keeping men against their will
  • Machismo: Masculine behaviors of power or domination over other men
  • Male Death Fetish: Situations and scenarios in a story which men are dying or already dead
  • Male Torture, Rape, Murder, Cannibalism: Men are brutalized, penetrated, killed, and/or eaten
  • Military: Situations and scenarios in which male combatants live and/or die
  • Science Fiction / Fantasy: In the genre of stories found on The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits or Black Mirror television series
  • Wild West: Cowboys and indigenous peoples of the American West during the 19th century
  • Zombies / Warewolves / Vampires: Violent, predatory creatures that threaten or kill men

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Even if what you want in a finished product is provocative or taboo, I can do that for you. Even if you want to show a man risking his life by holding a poisonous snake from Brazil.Order here.