Man Up Pinup

I will bring your once-private thoughts and your most secret desires out into the real-world we all live in. I will create on-demand explicitly illustrated and totally uncensored custom fantasy images to satisfy your fantasies so powerfully like you will not find anywhere else.

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Vegas Male Pinups is the nickname for my on-demand character creation service and customized storytelling for men. We do this all over the internet. You don’t need to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to take advantage of my unique and stunning work which excels at encouraging and celebrating private thoughts and secret desires.

Forget Reality and Embrace Fantasy

As a digital artist and a storyteller using visual arts, my skills and talents developed over the years since 2007. That depth of experience has made me known around the world for creating highly appealing and credible male characters in a photorealistic style. My images are not actual photographs produced using a camera. What you get is so much better than photographs. I make my characters appear to look as realistic as men do when they are in photographs.

My creative services in male character creation and writing customized stories for men are available to you on demand from Las Vegas.

This is intended for anyone who wants to order a personalized and customized Las Vegas style male pinup image that you can keep on your device.

This is an explicit personalized fantasy service from Las Vegas for use by anyone anywhere around the world. You will receive an image of a nude male character fully erect.

I am now accepting commissions so you can order a Vegas male pinup based upon your ideas and specifications at

Photographers in Las Vegas typically need you to be in Las Vegas if you want to purchase their services. The good news here is you do not have to be in Las Vegas to take advantage of my on-demand character creation service and customized storytelling for men.  You can conveniently place your order for a commissioned creative work with me remotely using the internet.

For a limited time, you pay just $60 for this custom creative service.


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It’s as Simple as 1, 2, 3


— 1 —

You pick the face you want your custom male character to have (such as your own face) and send me a source photograph of him facing forward. Or you can choose any face from the online inventory of Desouza male faces.


— 2 —

 You tell me in your own words what you want to see: Describe the male character to me in text format (using text descriptions such as thin, heavy, muscular, tall, short, dark skin, light skin, long hair, short hair, dark eyes, fair colored eyes, and so on.) Also in your own words tell me the story or situation or circumstances in which you want this male character to appear in the finished custom image I will be creating for you.


— 3 —

 I send you a link where you can download the finished product, your customized image, that you keep on your device.


See details you can use before you order.

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If you have any questions about commissioning a personalized, customized pinup image before you order, just get in touch me today by email at Order here.

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