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Desperately Seeking Mislaid Eggs

Listen to an explicit podcast episode “Desperately Seeking Mislaid Eggs” — a narrated story from the Horror Podcast Vegas series. Most men would never want to endure a real-life experience such as losing their balls. Yet many men engage in sexual fantasies about castration. This episode is a deep dive…

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Sin City Robosex

Listen to an explicit podcast on the subject of making love to the lifeless. That is to say — having sex with a human-looking robot — sex with a machine. Or, more accurately, sex with a synthetic humanoid male. Okay, you think this is science fiction, but if you think…

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Thief of Eggs

A taboo tale of fiction, “Thief of Eggs” follows the misadventures of a young man who discovers a forbidden method for increasing his masculinity and muscles. From a story idea created by Sebastian of Germany which was produced for this podcast episode and narrated by Madeira Desouza. Thief of Eggs…

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