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Conquered White Men

Taboo theme depicting white men who have been conquered by men of color.

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Collecting Men in Peril Images

Images of men in peril are worth collecting:

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Hot Bara Male Model Reveals All

“Hot Quick Pix #03” (pictures) shows you a quick, satisfying choice of original Madeira Desouza images which are uncensored and explicit. This set is the third in a continuing series of pictures depicting one theme. In this set you get to spend time exploring hot pictures of a photographic model…

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Men in Peril Now 1

Intimate, up-close and personal views of Madeira Desouza’s stunning men in peril now. This is part 1 of a continuing series. You will want to add this to your collection of downloads of pleasure.

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Holiday Season Perils

Perils for men which only happen once we’ve reached the happiest time of the year…

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Black and White Side by Side

Extremely graphic 3D digital art by Desouza of Vegas depicting interracial men in intimate man-on-man action. This controversial box set of uncensored images showing masculine men together leaves little to your wicked imagination. For adventurous and curious adults only.

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Podcast–Dark Taboos, Buying Taboo Men

Las Vegas artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza takes you on a personal, behind-the-scenes tour of Studio 9999 Las Vegas—a wild place you never heard of before. Here you will discover a once-secret location in Sin City where unique and stunning male characters are created and inserted into fictional stories. Season…

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Work Boots Fetish

Don’t you just love it when big boys wear big work boots?

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Wild, Brutal Stories of Men in Peril

Wild, brutal stories of men in peril and male death fetish — — Unedited, uncensored storiesfrom authors such as Nullo and Madeira Desouza grouped together in one large collection — FREE VIEWING!  Newest November 2021 short story from controversial author Nullo deals with lynching a Black man and includes cock and…

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The Legend of Pumpkin-Man

He only comes out on Halloween. He is the dreaded Pumpkin-Man who captures and tortures only male victims.

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Turned On by Pacific Islander Men

In my everyday travels where I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, I frequently get to observe men who are Pacific Islanders. I’m turned on by such men because they display such strong masculinity and express their personalities in unbounded ways. I created a Pacific Islander character named Kaipo who appears…

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Putting Myself into My Work

In the motion picture industry we can easily find examples of directors who show up incidentally in their own films. The most renowned examples are the very brief appearances of Alfred Hitchcock in several of his movies. You may remember Roman Polanski is there in his film Chinatown in a…

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Kick Some Guy in His Balls in Las Vegas

The opportunity to pay some anonymous guy just so you can kick him in the balls for $20 exists in Las Vegas for real. This is not fake news. You can watch several YouTube videos in which you can see for yourself the real-world (unedited) goings on. These behaviors may…

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Comic Books Taught Me to be a Storyteller

[author and artist Madeira Desouza] When I was a teenager, my father regularly brought me to a local barber shop where I found many comic books to keep me busy before my turn to get my hair cut. My youthful imagination was overtaken completely by the worlds depicted in the…

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Black on White Action

[author and artist: Madeira Desouza] A sizzling hot collection of illustrations depicting interracial sex action between men.

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