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Men in Peril Behind Bars

One of the top fears men confront behind bars is ongoing, unwanted sexual victimization from men more powerful than they are. This gallery explores men in peril behind bars. As seen on Deviant Art.

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        See the generous gallery of images available at the Ballbusting / Scaffies page

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Desperately Seeking Mislaid Eggs

Listen to an explicit podcast episode “Desperately Seeking Mislaid Eggs” — a narrated story from the Horror Podcast Vegas series. Most men would never want to endure a real-life experience such as losing their balls. Yet many men engage in sexual fantasies about castration. This episode is a deep dive…

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The Mystery of the Swimming Pool Hitmen

Guest blogger post by 8hangman5. Back in the 1950’s crime fiction was published in hardcover with an illustrated dust jacket. Crime fiction books were an expensive item aimed at a particular market. Detective stories by comparison could be published as inexpensive magazines with lurid covers. There were very few suburban…

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All Male BDSM

Explore the sizzling world of all male BDSM right here on this website. Find out what turns you on the most and then run with that!

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Conquests of the Pumpkin Emperor

Explore the Pumpkin Emperor Legacy “Pumpkin Emperor” is a narrated story in a podcast that is gory. An allegory. Is there something hidden–a moral or political meaning? Follow the origin story of a powerful emperor who has a face which is orange–the color of the pumpkin. Another in the Horror…

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Sin City Robosex

Listen to an explicit podcast on the subject of making love to the lifeless. That is to say — having sex with a human-looking robot — sex with a machine. Or, more accurately, sex with a synthetic humanoid male. Okay, you think this is science fiction, but if you think…

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Studio 9999 Las Vegas Secrets Revealed

Inside the legendary Studio 9999 Las Vegas there are many closely-guarded secrets. How are the tempting men constructed using organic material and highly advanced technology within the top-secret Studio 9999 Las Vegas? What are their purposes? What are they capable of doing sexually? Visit for details about this mysterious…

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Desouza Origins

In 2017 I started creating 3D gay erotic art. Here is a collection of my works spanning a decade and a half. These images pinpoint the origins of all that I create in the present day.

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The End of a Cavalryman

The young cavalryman imagines his fate as a prized captive of the victorious native warrior. As the powerful native warrior tightly grabs the cavalryman, there is no longer any need to imagine what will happen next. Getting fucked by the tribe’s angry warriors followed by the removal of his balls…

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Bound to Hurt

This podcast episode is another taboo tale, a narrated story. The subject of this taboo tale is captive men held in bondage before they are executed by unknown captors. Bound to Hurt | Explicit pictures that accompany “Bound to Hurt” are free to see here:

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By Request

Here is a special collection of new images I created as requested by a fan of mine on DeviantArt.

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Night of the Handgun

A narrated story of taboo fiction exploring the subject of gun rights and men in peril. Provocative and controversial ideas and unrestrained behaviors of violent men in the United States. Night of the Handgun | Explicit pictures of “Night of the Handgun” are free to see here:

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Conquered White Men

Taboo theme depicting white men who have been conquered by men of color.

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Dancing Dangling Down

Another episode presenting a taboo tale of fiction. “Dancing Dangling Down” explores a suspension hanging of a man in the presence of an audience. Explicit story written by Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas, Nevada. Dancing Dangling Down | * * * View explicit original images created by the author…

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