Conquests of the Pumpkin Emperor

Explore the Pumpkin Emperor Legacy

“Pumpkin Emperor” is a narrated story in a podcast that is gory. An allegory. Is there something hidden–a moral or political meaning? Follow the origin story of a powerful emperor who has a face which is orange–the color of the pumpkin. Another in the Horror Podcast Vegas collection. Listen here:

Bonus Content:

An ancient ceremony heralding the season of ghosts: Five strong young men are naked and defenseless while slaughtered in appeasement of the Pumpkin Emperor.

violated by the pumpkin emperor
Before each slaughter of a young male offering, the Pumpkin Emperor first violates him.
four more to slaughter
The Pumpkin Emperor has four more young male offers to slaughter.
hobgoblin enjoys cocks and balls
The Pumpkin Emperor has hobgoblin slaves who enjoy cocks and balls of the young male offerings.
rear entry explored by the pumpkin emperor
A rear entry is explorer by the Pumpkin Emperor.

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