All Male Peril is the present-day version of the pulp comics from the mid-twentieth century
This website examines and explores the taboo topic of all male peril in pictures and stories depicting men in peril. Another way of expressing the theme is guys in distress (GID). At this controversial website you can see muscled and naked men in jeopardy who are threatened as they reveal their vulnerability to strong personal danger while they are on the brink of deadly harm.

3D digital male art | 3D gay erotic art

The pictures on this website come from the realm of 3D digital male art also known as 3D gay erotic art. That is but one form of digital storytelling created using digital tools on computerized devices resulting in computer-generated images (CGI).

Males Only

The themes which are developed for your information and enjoyment at this website focus upon all male peril depicted as decidedly stunning images bolstered by unforgettable storytelling, all of which are not intended to represent the real world we all live in. This visual storytelling is rooted in encouraging explicit fantasizing about all male peril.

The phrase all male peril means this website shows no female peril and shows no females causing peril to men since those subjects are explored elsewhere online today on countless websites.

BDSMA big welcome to all of you guys who think of their balls and other men’s balls and who came here from Scaffies which once was a thriving international community online.

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All Male Peril: Hanging by the Neck

all male peril: hanging by the neck


Many Tempting Choices in All Male Peril:


See posts featuring uncensored fantasy content depicting your favorite fetishes of conquered white men, men in peril, male hurt, and exploiting men—including sexually explicit interracial images.

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The Huge Desouza Vault is Open:

If you collect Madeira Desouza’s 3D gay erotic art, you definitely will want to check out the huge collection of fantasy men in peril stories and images gathered all in one convenient location available to you right now.

Check out the online community of content creators who produce and distribute 3D digital male characters.

β€œAll Male Peril is a popular fantasy
for many men nowadays!”

When you think about it, life is way too short to worry about what people think of you or about what kind of fantasies about men you may have. Don’t focus on what others think. Forget them. You are more important to consider than them. Look inside yourself first. All male peril fantasies have been around for centuries. Men in peril are the subject of many stories and images around the world.

  Here you will find many examples of male peril worth fantasizing over. Customized fantasies now available to you.

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